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Banking Products

A full range of products to manage your personal and business banking needs

Personal Account

Em@ney personal account gives you all the tools that are enough to pay and receive payments everyday.


Business account

Em@ney's Business account is the complete payment platform. It can be upgraded with our UPBANKING


Payment Gateway

The complete solution to receive credit cards and bitcoin payments for online and offline shops


EM Financial Investigation

The new branch of Em@ney totally devoted to financial investigation and compliance check.


Internet Banking

Internet banking is the control panel for any Em@ney Account. Simple, always available, it's the heart of Em@ney banking accounts


Electronic Cheque

For the first time in the world, Em@ney brings you the Electronic Cheque. Pay whoever you want just by name, email and phone number!


Em@ney Cards

Em@ney cards are accepted in all the Em@ney points. The number of our points is growing by the day!


Mastercard Em@ney

Mastercards are accepted in all the world. We issue Mastercards that are customized with our logo - and yours too!


Sales Point

Em@ney SalesPoint contains dozens of services to re-sell, like phone top-ups and banking products.



With UPBANKING your brand can become a virtual bank!



Integration of all our products made easy through APIs and web services


Risk and Compliance

Proprietary software for risk calculation and compliance evaluation


Massive Payment

The ideal tool to process massive number or recurrent payments at once


Cash in – Cash out

For particular kind of customers, it allows to cash in and out private procedures.


Customize our products

Contact us for custom products


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